Some interesting facts

The Republican museum of national instruments opened in 1980, is one of the few similar in the world. Now museum is situated in the building of the former House of the officer assembly constructed in 1908 by architect A.Zenkov. In front of the museum you can see the sculptural image of a national musical instrument NARKOBIZ. In museum save over 1000 exhibits, here it is collected more 60 kinds of types and versions of the Kazakh national musical instruments which used singers, poets and composers Abay, Birzhan, Zhambyl, Seytek, Dina, Kyzyl Zhirau, A.Zhubanov, K.Azerbayev, A.Khasenov, M. Ержанов and others.


We think that a difference big, because in our country hard to make the way. And our stars are not present to demand. May be some singers have talent. But it’s not enough to become a celebrity, it is necessary not only talent, but also communications and money. But even have all it, you only can become a star in Kazakhstan. We have only one group which could to make the way in Russia, it’s A-studio. Though as you know now there is a dispute it is the Kazakhstan group promoted in Moscow or is the Moscow group in which simply is pair Kazakhs. Personally I like this group, but I think they have betraid our country. Earlier there were Kazakhs, and now? And group became international. Now group live in Moscow. Only one group which has won hearts Russian people, it’s too progress. Why in foreign countries to be star easier? For example, if we take Madonna.One of the day Madonna has decided that only in New York it will manage to promote. She bought ticket and went to New York. It was her first flight. She took small suitcase, clothes, ballet slippers and only 37 dollars. She can do it without everything, she only have talent and insistence.

Many of people worried about question, why in foreign countries to become known for the whole world to make deafening success in the world of show of business easier, including me. Because our republic young. We republic in which film-industry and show business is developed not so well as other countries. I think we are only on the way. Every day, including the TV, we hear, that such that the known actress, the singer or model goes from villages, with several dollars in a pocket to submit Hollywood. Also that it most interesting they can do it. But I hope, that in the near future our show business, the film-industry and everything, that will be connected with it even better than others countries.


    Traditional  Musicians who haven’t any musical education and learned from ancestors through traditional way asserted that during the time of USSR kazakh traditional “kui” music lost its roots, because almost all traditional music transfered to classical european notation. In this system It is impossible to learn the whole traditional composition with its special characteristics and emotions, different speed and technique which are not written on notations. Musical notation is like bones without meat. Today the notation system are taught in almost all musical schools and institutes. But some musicologists as A. Raimbergenov offer orally based approach teaching of traditional music in schools. More about it on www.akdn.org/Music/Musicin.htm#kazakhstan.

    Another theme of discussion is peforming traditional music with modern arrangement. Defenders of traditional music think that with arrangement we are losing our tradition. But new generation of musicians supposed that with this modern arrangement traditional music obtain new look and it will be popular among youth.

   Moreover, on site www.artsoffive.wordpress.com/ Natalie started another actual problem of our music industry as peforming with phonogram. Today some traditional music peformers also use a phonogram. In my opinion, the problem exist because of lack of professional qualitative musical equipments to peform alive , our audience don’t required live sound from musicians and musicians themselves used to peform with phonogram.

    In conclusion, I want to say that despite of some debate situations in music our traditional music is developing and I believe to its bright future.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

          Tradition is peculiarity of each nation, of each culture. They have own type of traditional music, traditional instruments. And what is the traditional music of Kazakhstan??

       There are several types of kazakh traditional music.  When we say about kazakh tradional song , then “Aitys” is very popular type of music. In other words it is peformance competition of two musicians who are called “akyn” . They improvised, created words immediately against each other and sing about social , political problems. According to site www.answers.com/topic/music-of-kazakhstan usually they accomponied music with traditional string instruments “Dombyra” or “kobyz”

    Another type of song is called “terme”. “Termeshi” is the person who sing terme about morality of people, problems between rich and poor, good and bad people, they teach to be morally good.

    The art of kui is like a big branch of national art. It is musical composition peformed in traditional instruments as dombyra, kobyz, sibizgi, shankobiz, zhetigen etc.  In kui we can hear soul of the nation, sounds of nature and animals, braveness of men and beauty of girls.

    In conclusion, one of the important spiritual treasures of kazakhstan which was entrusted from generation to generation is musical heritage. As one musicologist said,  kui peformed with great excitement, songs as terme and aitys with emotion and mysterious and lively melodies. Kuis, songs and melodies which make kazakh heart speaks and show their soul, sadness and joy, their dream and hope are like the monument presenting great image of nation’s inspiration.


     According to the book “kuy kainari” (A. Raimbergenov 1990)  The history of traditional music of kazakhs closely interconnected with great musician Korkyt. It is proved by historical materials found in South part of Kazakhstan. But it is difficult to say the exact time when the traditional music was appeared in our country. Because, all the musical heritage of kazakhs was not written(note), it came to our days through hearing from generation to generation. Many of “kuys”(traditional musical composition) were forgotten and lost.I think, if our musician ancestors put their compositions into notes , we would have more musical heritage.

     The development of traditional kuys was in 19th century in the time of famous musicians and talented “kuishi” as Kurmangazi, Mahambet, Tattimbet, Kazangap, Dina, Sugir etc. They continued traditional way to new generation and created their own compositions which became classical music of kazakhs. I suppose, 80-90% of compositions what came to our days created by these musicians.

    In site  www.wikipedia.org/wiki/music_of_kazakhstan written about traditional music during USSR time and its reseachers and change. Yes, In the time of USSR most of kazakh musical heritage was explored by reseachers as Zataevich, Zhubanov, Aravin, Erzakovich, Mergaliev etc. They explored music from villages and put, write music into books with notes. Thanks to these reseachers traditional music in Kazakhstan is alive and developing. Today what we learn,play and hear from traditional music are works of these reseachers.


Intro to Music 2 …

Music divides into several groups. For example: Ancient music, Baroque music, Romantic music, Indian Music, Traditional music, Hip-Hop, R’n B, POP, Rock, Rap, Jazz, Techno and others. Some people are fond of music. There are numerous folk groups in our country. It’s interesting to listen to their music and songs.  Some people are fond of classical music, but young people prefer modern music.  I like to listen to the songs such as popular singers 50 Cent, Eminem, 2 Pac and others who read Rap.Every year all over the world organize competition which collects young talented teens. In our country this competition is very popular, it’s called “Super star KZ”.  I think it’s wonderful to provide such this competition. I’m always seeing Super star KZ. It’s very interesting. Every year in our country birth new STAR.