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Rhythm and blues (also known as R&B or RnB) is a popular music genre combining jazz, gospel, and blues influences, first performed by African American artists.. In 1948, RCA Victor was marketing black music under the name Blues and Rhythm. The words were reversed by Wexler of Atlanti Records, the leading label in the R&B field in the early yearsIn Rock & Roll: An Unruly History (1995) Robert Palmer defines “Rhythm & Blues” as a catchall rubric used to refer to any music that was made by and for black Americans. Lawrence Cohn, author of Nothing but the Blues, writes that rhythm and blues was an umbrella term invented for industry convenience, which embraced all black music except classical music and religious music, unless a gospel song sold enough to break into the charts. Nowadays it is not a black music anymore, because people from all over the world listen to it, but still the main characters on the R’n’B arena are still black americans. In Kazakhstan there are no R’n’B musicians and singers, but the steps towards that music stile are made very intensivly especially in the modern days.


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In our university(KIMEP for those who doesn’t know) there are a lot of talented people. Some of them were the participants of super star KZ, some are singers but the most part of them are rappers such as: MC HEAT, MC CACTUS,etc. Even more there are begginers in rapping, but one team has already gained an authority among underground rappers in Kazakhstan. They are called ADAMANT’s. Two members of the team have already won two freestyle battles, one russian and one kazakh. A lot of underground rappers claim that they are future stars. their group is really diverse: chechen, tartar and russian- is a really hot sause for the ears of listeners.

They are preparing a new project with a very famous group BLACK COST that will include elements of modern comedy and rap compositions in the bounce style. The start of the project promo group called “Money Mafia” is due to August 2007. So if you see the banners related to money mafia, run and buy tickets because as they say it will be something explosive!!!

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In our university we also have some hip hop stars. For example MC HEAT. Some of you certainly know him or heard about him. He is the best Beat boxer in Kazakhstan. His name is Hasanov Azamat, and if you want to know what is beat boxing,you should ask him to show his skills or to read the following info.Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion. Although the term “beatboxing” derived from hip hop culture, it is not limited to hip hop music. It is primarily concerned with the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, voice, and more. It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments.The term beatboxing most likely refers to early drum machines which came with pre-programmed musical patterns.The technique and the art of replicating percussion sounds with one’s voice is thought to be conceived in India several thousands years ago, and the Chinese developed Kouji which was one kind of vocal percussion performing arts. These had little relation with hip hop, however, and are not related to modern Western beatboxing. This kind of sound-simulating technique is called humming and chanting. Beatboxing is currently experiencing a second wind, thanks in part to the likes of artists like Rahzel and Kenny Muhammad, who have carried the artform across the world. In 2002, the documentary Breath Control: The History of the Human Beatbox premiered. It is a history of the art form that includes interviews with Doug E. Fresh, Emanon, Biz Markie, Marie Daulne of Zap Mama, Kyle Faustino and others. The same year even saw the emergence of a beatbox clothing label, mic(ism) – sported and supported by beatboxers worldwide.

Beatboxing’s early pioneers include Doug E. Fresh, Biz Markie, and Buffy from the Fat Boys. Doug E. Fresh is credited for being the first “human beatbox,” and Barry B for coining the term along with Buffy perfecting the art. The term “beatboxing” is derived from the mimicry of the first generation of drum machines, then known as beatboxes.


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A freestyle battle is a contest in which two or more rappers compete or battle each other using freestyle rap. Each competitor’s goal is to ‘diss’ their opponent through clever lyrics. As hip-hop evolved in the early-80’s MCs gained their fame through live battles with other MCs. Freestyle battles can take place anywhere, street corners, on stage at a concert, or even in a school.A live audience is critical to a freestyle battle. Each MC must use skill and lyrical ability to not only break down his or her opponent, but to convince the audience that they are the better rapper. Appointed judges have been used in formal contests, but even when no winner is announced, the rapper who receives the best audience response is viewed as the victor. In addition, it is considered an act of dishonour to recite written and memorized raps in a battle, because it shows the rapper to be incapable of spitting spur-of-the-moment lyrics.Freestyle battling is a prominent part of rap or hip hop culture, as highlighted in the Academy-Award winning movie 8 Mile, where actor/rapper Eminem uses freestyle battling to win respect.In Kazakhstan there is also a batle, but it is on-line, which means that all the rappers against each other (what rapper they are against they learn from the site), send to a certain site their tracks with disses. And then the judges the rappers that have authority decide who is better and who goes to the next round.There are about 7,8 or 9 rounds, it depends on how many rappers participate.The winner gets the possibility to work with producers, and to write an album. In Kazakhstan this competition is not old, but developing so in the future you will be able to hear to best rappers’ music. That is how a really good music is created.

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Freestyle rap is an improvisational form of rapping, performed with few or no previously composed lyrics, which is said to reflect a direct mapping of the mental state and performing situation of the artist. It is non-scripted, non-rehearsed, uncut, and the rawest form of hip-hop. Artists will often refer to places and objects in their immediate setting. Freestyle rapping forces an individual to think on the spot, describe his or her surroundings, and, to a certain degree, rap uncensored from what is inside. It is similar in this sense to improvisational music or acting and draws comparisons to improvisational Jazz in particular.Freestyle rapping is nowadays is the most developed part of rapping in Kazakhstan. About 1000 rappers from different cities in Kazakhstan take part in that competition. And this part of hip-hop culture is the fastest growing in Kazakhstan.

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       Last week in Kazakhkoncert it was presentation of magazine “dombyra”. It was first magazine which has direction of kazakh traditional music and dombyra. http://www.inform.kz/showarticle.php?lang=kaz&id=182342It is written in 3 languages: Kazakh, Russian and English, that’s why this magazine should be popular among wide audience. In each magazine your can find courses of playing dombyra for beginners. According to the redactor and founder of magazine Zhasaral Ensepov, who is famous musician and composer, this magazine will be introductory book about Kazakh traditional music, its past, present and future recommended for all people. Magazine will publicize not only about Kazakh traditional music, but also about last news in modern music and world’s tendency of music. http://www.almaty.tv/?uin=1140584522&chapter=1182762292

        When I was in this presentation, I noticed all famous musicians of our traditional music as Azidolla Eskaliev, Karshiga Akhmedyarov, Serzhan Shakiratov, Karima Saharbayeva, Edil Kusainov etc. First part of presentation was answers to questions of journalists and wishes of famous musicologists. Most of them asked about content of magazine and its authors, others thanks the author Zhasaral Ensepov and wished him energy, new interesting projects and prosperity to “Dombyra”. Second part was a concert of young but famous stars of Kazakhstan Estrada.  They performed traditional music with new arrangements on traditional instruments as dombyra, kobyz, zhetigen, shankobyz. The most interesting was performance of Asylbek Ensepov with new electro-acoustic dombyra. It was unusual to hear traditional music in different sound and interpretation. Sometimes the sound of dombyra was similar to electro guitar; sometimes to saxophone.. How people will judge this new sound of dombyra,  time will show in the future… But we wish only prosperity to this new magazine “dombyra” and new electro dombyra.

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What is dombyra?

  Dombyra is a kazakh stringed musical instrument played by plucking. It has wooden frame (its length is 1000-1300 millimeters) and two strings(www.orchestra.kz) Dombyra is the sole of kazakh people. It can show the most deep feelings and experience , also console in diffcult minutes of trouble.

  Dombyra-wisdom of people. Many of kuisdombra-7.jpg(https://kazmus.wordpress.com/2007/06/20/history-of-traditional-music-in-kazakhstan/) are played with dombyra. From these kuis we can hear life experience of our ancestors, history of dramatical events , they bring knowledge about nature, philosophical views of humanity from generation to generation. Dombyra kuis were important factors of between generation succession and work as between timely tool of communication.

     Dombyra is a history of nomads. Through centuries and milleniums it brings memory about first pages of nomad’s history. Dombyra was witness of many historical events , which played key role in destiny of ancestors.

    As famous poet Kadir Mirzaliev said “real kazakh is not kazakh , real kazakh is dombyra!” our people always like, respect the songs and kuis peformed in dombyra. I suppose,In any kazakh family we can see at least one dombyra and at least one person in family could play it.

    National instrument dombyra in different region had different character. It varied in length, neck, shape of corpus and amount of frets. The national instrument in western Kazakhstan with long ,thin neck, pear-shaped form with 13-14 frets. Dombyra of Central Kazakhstan had wide and short neck , trapeziform or triangle form, with 6-8 frets. Unfortunately, in twentieth century hapenned unification of form and size, because of its industrial manufacturing.

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