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Music divides into several groups. For example: Ancient music, Baroque music, Romantic music, Indian Music, Traditional music, Hip-Hop, R’n B, POP, Rock, Rap, Jazz, Techno and others. Some people are fond of music. There are numerous folk groups in our country. It’s interesting to listen to their music and songs.  Some people are fond of classical music, but young people prefer modern music.  I like to listen to the songs such as popular singers 50 Cent, Eminem, 2 Pac and others who read Rap.Every year all over the world organize competition which collects young talented teens. In our country this competition is very popular, it’s called “Super star KZ”.  I think it’s wonderful to provide such this competition. I’m always seeing Super star KZ. It’s very interesting. Every year in our country birth new STAR.


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Intro to Music …

We choose the topic “Music in Kazakhstan” because we think it is more interesting to look at. Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time. For many people arts is one of the main entertainment features of their lives. For many arts is a way of expressing themselves, for some arts are a way to earn and to become famous. The word art has many meanings, different for every person. For some art is represented in music, for others, it includes beautiful paintings, dancing, movies, and architecture. The definition of what is art is still not agreed upon. Everyone understand art how their want.
Our blog we devote to music. It is difficult to live without music. We hear music everywhere: in the streets, at home, over the radio and on TV, in the shops in the parks, sometimes in the forest.
We like to listen to music, we enjoy to dance to music, and Murager to play musical school. Music is a combination of many sounds. They are short and long, weak and strong. Music reflects people’s mood and emotions.

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Art of Music

         According to A.G. Rubin “music is the most generous and charming what the human being created”. Yes, I agree with it, we can’t live without music, all the beaty of the world interconnected with it. It is difficult to imagine our life without music. From the time of first human being was created music is developing together with people till our days. From time to time new trends of music are created. Today there are many types of music starting from traditional music till modern types which are different in each culture.

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